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What is your next technology project?

Whatever your next project is, there is no need to go it alone when you have a professional adviser happy to assist.

E-commerce Venture

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced operator, I can assist you with with the right advice and prepare the right legal documents you need.

I can assist you with website terms and conditions, a privacy policy, intellectual property protection and much more. It all starts with a phone call from you to me and we can discuss your business.

Technology Contracts

Understanding tech speak is hard for many people, mix that with legalese and you have more than a mouthful. Thats why you speak to a lawyer with a real technology background that can translate:

  • your business needs into a functional agreement; or
  • their agreement into a language you understand.

Building a Mobile Application

Get your project off on the right foot by speaking with a Technology Lawyer. We can discuss Software Development Agreements, make sure you own the code which is being developed for you and a arrange for a Non Disclosure Deed to protect your idea.

I can help you with project planning so you know what legal costs you will have leading up to go-live.

Let’s work together!