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Do you need terms and conditions for your website?

Whether you need basic website terms and conditions for a simple information site or more complex legal terms for an online store we can help you.

Many people try and copy website terms and conditions from other sites in the hope to save money. Inevitably they copy some from a US site, WHICH ALWAYS USE CAPITAL LETTERS TO DISCLAIM GUARANTIES. However, excluding the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law is illegal.

Many websites have terms and conditions which are not worth the bytes downloaded. If you copy these, you may be doing your business more harm than good. If you are serious about your business, plan for success from the onset and get all your legal documents professionally prepared.

How do I get terms and conditions for my website?

Simple, contact a commercial and technology lawyer like Michael Barber and we will get you heading down the right path. Whether you have built your online store from scratch, used Shopify, Big Commerce, WooCommerce or any of the other platforms available we can draft up website terms and conditions which will serve you.

What terms and conditions are required for my website?

Good question. What sort of business are you running and what is the purpose of your website? Let’s see a website generation tool respond to the answer to that question. 🙂

But seriously that’s where it all starts. There are standard clauses which are included in most website terms and conditions, including those covering:

  • Limitation of liability;
  • Payment terms;
  • Intellectual property protection;
  • Choice of law;
  • Warranties;
  • Delivery of goods; and
  • The incorporation of your Privacy Policy.

However, even something as seemingly simple as a limitation of liability clause has complexities. The scope of the liability you can limit under the Australian Consumer Law is different if you selling business to business or business to consumer. Clauses which exclude all liability are illegal unless the transaction falls outside the definitions of a consumer sale.

Michael Barber is a dedicated commercial and IT lawyer with a background in information technology and management consulting. Contact Michael for a no obligation discussion about your business.

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No need to fly solo when you have a trusted business advisor only a phone call away.

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